Stoford’s Consultation Exercise has now closed, thank you to everybody that has sent feedback. 

All comments that have been received have been considered and a planning application is being prepared for submission to Stafford Borough Council.  Once registered details will be available at https://www.staffordbc.gov.uk/planning-public-access

The Council will then invite public comment on the planning application.

Scheme design

Stoford Developments propose to develop land adjacent to Redhill Business Park, Stone Road, Stafford, to deliver a new national distribution centre for Pets at Home.

The proposals comprise a purpose built warehouse and three storey office, with ancillary buildings. A new roundabout access with the A34 Stone Road will serve the site, along with a new cycleway connection.

The majority of the land within the planning application has been previously identified for development by Stafford Borough Council within the adopted Local Plan (2014), known as ‘The Plan for Stafford Borough.’

The planning application is being prepared and will be submitted later in September 2020, and if approved, construction will commence in 2021 and the building will open in 2022.

The proposed site layout utilises the site to the best of its potential while ensuring ecological areas are protected. The site will be accessed by a new roundabout junction that will be formed with the A34 Stone Road.

On site parking for employees, and for HGVs delivering and distributing goods is provided around the edge of the building, with loading bays located on the north and south elevations.

Offices that support the Pets at Home warehouse have been positioned to wrap around the south eastern corner of the building, to add visual interest when viewed on approach from the south along the A34.

A strong landscape corridor is proposed to the eastern boundary, utilising and retaining the existing double hedgerow to assist in screening the proposals when viewed along Stone Road. New structural planting is proposed for the north eastern part of the site, again, mitigating for views on approach from here.

The architecture of the proposed buildings is of appropriate scale and proportion to the requirements of Pets at Home. The proposals are located north of the existing Redhill Business Park, which is an established business park of modern buildings, principally warehouses, that are of similar height to the proposals e.g. Screwfix.

The overall building height is proposed to be up to 19 metres, with the eaves at 16.5 metres. The proposed materials palette of the building, using horizontal blocks of colour, from dark, to a lighter colour band at roof level, draws the eye downward and ‘grounds’ the building into the site. Detailing of glazing and colour cladding arrangements on the office element of the scheme add further visual interest, and step the height of the overall building downwards on this south eastern corner.


Stafford North Business Park will provide an opportunity for a new company headquarters within a modern, high quality, economically sustainable development. Pets at Home, the UK’s leading pet care business will occupy the proposed development from 2022. Attracted to the site, which forms a natural extension to Redhill Business Park, Pets at Home will make a valuable contribution to the area, with new jobs and continue to raise the County’s economic profile, encouraging further inward investment.











Ecology & Biodiversity

Extensive surveys of the site to identify existing wildlife and their habitat have been undertaken. The survey work has identified the site comprises arable fields and a grassland field which of relatively low ecological value bound by hedgerows. Several ponds are present within the site with further ponds in the local vicinity. A wet woodland in the south of the site forms part of an area referred to as a non-statutory designated Site of Biological Interest (SBI). The surveys have identified the presence of a local great crested newt population centred on ponds to the south of the site, albeit with low number of individual newts also recorded within two on-site ponds. Low levels of common and widespread bats have been recorded using the hedgerows and also around the wet woodland.

Consideration of these issues has been central to our master planning process. Our first principle has been to incorporate ecological features into the layout of the proposed development where feasible, such as retaining and strengthening the wet woodland area. Suitable mitigation measures, such as moving the great crested newts from within the two on site ponds, to an off-site pond is proposed. Landscaping features such as wildlife ponds, woodland and species-rich grassland form part of our landscaping strategy and these will help to provide buffers and wildlife corridors around the boundaries of the development. New wildlife habitats will also be created by the forming of log-piles and other areas for creature shelter, known as hibernacula. Bird boxes and bat boxes will also provide further gains for ecology and biodiversity.

Site accessibility

Highway Access

  • A new three-arm roundabout junction will be constructed on the A34 to provide safe access to the site for both cars and HGVs.
  • The new roundabout will be accompanied by a 50 mph speed limit on approach to the junction, along with appropriate street lighting.
  • Development traffic will use the A34 to access Stafford, Stone and the M6 at either Junction 14 or Junction 15.

Sustainable Access

  • Bus stops served by 2 buses per hour in both directions through the week will be improved to provide shelters and real time information.
  • A new traffic-free pedestrian and cycle connection will be provided between the site and the upgraded bus stops via an improved underpass beneath the A34.
  • The footpath along the A34 will be upgraded to provide a pedestrian and cycle connection to the existing provision to Redhill Business Park and into Stafford.

Highway Impact

  • The majority of development related HGV traffic is expected to arrive from / depart to M6 J14 via the A34, avoiding local roads.
  • The new roundabout design has been tested to ensure adequate capacity into the future.
  • Employees will work in shifts therefore spreading the traffic attraction to and from the site across the day.

Founded in 1996, Stoford specialise in occupier led pre-let commercial property developments. We are a privately owned company with all the shareholders taking an active role in the running of the business. Working in partnership with occupiers, landowners and investors, our committed team have developed in excess of 13m sq ft throughout the UK.


Our main market sectors encompass corporate offices, manufacturing and the logistics sector.

Stoford’s Consultation Exercise has now closed, thank you to everybody that has sent feedback. 

All comments that have been received have been considered and a planning application is being prepared for submission to Stafford Borough Council.  Once registered details will be available at https://www.staffordbc.gov.uk/planning-public-access

The Council will then invite public comment on the planning application.